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Kelly Boyd
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Theresa Daem
Debra English
Ken Frank
Janice & Robert Hedden
Ryan Hertzing
Lisa Jay
Anne & Marv Johnson
Susan Kempf
Cheryl Kinsman
Ray & Jen Lee
Lisa Leighton
Susan Mas
Debra Ann Nickel
Carol Nilsen
Theresa & Bill O'Hare
Sherine Smith
Tami L. Cloward
Harley and Norma Shelton
Tami Burns
Sean Mehegan
Laura Silver
Patriciajoan Rabun
June Uehara
Richard Selin
Donna Todd
Courtney Robinson
Jennifer Salberg
Randi Beckley
Mary Wuertz
Eileen Walsh
Christopher Quilter
Catherine Helshoj
Peggy Wolff
Renae Hinchey
Patricia Twitty
Betsy and Dr. Gary Jenkins
Ken and Anne Sadler
Adams, Bobbie and Jessica
Adelson, Andrea --PRESS
Anderson, Martha and guest
Balla, Brian and Joanne
Bammer, Larry and guest(Gordon Mulder)
Beaver, Jim and Patty
Boyd, Kelly and Michele
Brown, Susan and guest
Christy, Mark and guest
Diamond, Barbara---PRESS
Dotoratos, Steve
Doty, Wendy
English, Deborah
Frank, Ken
Guthrie, Victor and guest
Jenkins, Dr Gary and Betsy
Johnson, James
Johnson, Anne
Keller, Steven and Kelly
Kempf, Sue and guest(Cheryl Sykes)
Kinsman, Michael and Cheryl
Lansiedel, William and Cynthia
Mas, Susan and Vicente
Minerman, Mary
Nash, Debra
Nickel, Debra Ann
Pearson, Elizabeth
Pettigrew, Judy
Pietig, Peggy
Quilter, Charley and Ann
Quilter, Chris
Sadler, Ken and Annie
Sanford, Dave
Selevan, Kathleen and guest
Thornton, Chris
Twitty, Patricia
Vickers, Jan and guest
Wallace, Wayne
Walsh, Eileen
Ward, Roxanna and guest
Warder, Margaret
Wernett, Peter and guest
West, Dean
Whalen, Bob and Kirsten
White, Irene
Wolff, Peggy



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    Watch for information about the next event in September!



     Darrin and Ray were overwhelmed at the applause and welcome last night at ReMarks restaurant.
     It was wonderful for them to be surrounded by family and friends from our church supper club, from the school district, from City Hall and the police department, from No Square and Lagunatics.
     They expressed special thanks to Mark DePalma for hosting the dinner at his wonderful restaurant as well as love, respect, and admiration to Anne Johnson, Dr. C, Debbie English, and Theresa Daem for organizing the event, setting up the website and coordinating all of the details. Ray said, "It's not a real Laguna Beach event unless Roxanna is playing piano and Bree is singing. 'Someone to Watch Over Me' is a special song for us and couldn't have been a better choice for Bree to sing for Darrin." They have already heard through the grapevine that this was truly a Laguna Beach gathering in every sense of the word.


     Our special friend Darrin Reed is a long-time Laguna Beach resident, a long-time LBUSD employee, and an endlessly good neighbor, good friend, and all-around good person.  Since Darrin was diagnosed with leukemia in September, he has been fighting for his life, and Ray Kawecki, his partner, has been by his side literally every day. 
     Darrin has courageously endured endless rounds of chemotherapy treatments, several emergency surgeries, many painful procedures, nearly one hundred days in the hospital, many in intensive care, and recently a bone marrow transplant at the City of Hope.  The LBUSD School Board has graciously extended his medical benefits, but he is facing huge co-pays and extra expenses, and he will have no salary or sick pay until he is well enough to return to work.
     The medical expenses have already been enormous, and the last step requires costly anti-rejection medications, professional out-patient care, and much more. The expenses have become overwhelming.
     We Laguna folks take pride in being there for each other.  Darrin is one of our own, and he has always been one to help others.  Please give what you can to help him now.
      Thank you so much!

   Friends of Darrin

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